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Fiji - A special destination

About Fiji

Fiji - A special destination

I wish for all of you to find a place that just simulates your senses.

If you enjoy a tropical destination, you have many to choose from. Whether you go by land or cruise, they have a lot to offer.

What made Fiji extra special for me, was the people! The scenery, the water, the coral reefs, the sunrises, and the sunsets...magnificent! The people made Fiji stand out more than anything else. So happy to have you visit, want to help ensure you have what you need, and their singing! They harmonize from a young age and it carries with them. Given the chance, they break into song! Even flowing down a river, walking through their village, during a meal, or with a relaxing sunset and a drink. The music filled the air with such beauty and warmed my heart.

There are 330 different islands, many uninhabited. We had the pleasure of visiting two islands. Like Hawaii and Tahiti, each island has its own unique personality. They don't feel crowded and you can find a place to stimulate you or allow you to relax and find tranquility.

Many use Fiji as a stop-over point before going to other destinations. I'd suggest you take in Fiji as a destination and stay more than a few days to see the beauty of Fiji!

Special thank you to the #namaleresort for making us part of your family.

Nancy Marks

Your Cruise Travel Expert